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Do You Have a Story to Share?

Have you faced the task of finding a speech-language pathologist who is a swallowing specialist to treat a swallowing problem for yourself or loved one?

Would you like to share your story on this website, the home of Board Certified Specialists in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (BCS-S)?  The website is available to you and other consumers who are seeking an expert to evaluate and treat their swallowing disorder.

Your story will help emphasize the need for evaluation and treatment by an EXPERT! Your story could change or even save someone else's life!

Interested? Need more information?

Talk with your speech-language pathologist today! Your speech-language pathologist can contact Karen Schneider ( and arrange for you to receive a release form and work out the details of getting your story and publishing it on the website.


Consumer Story: Carol Shoaff, ABSSD Consumer Board member

As the result of a thermal damage from a car fire, Parkinson’s, a stroke and non-usage, my mother, Joan, lost her ability to swallow food safely for two very long years. She had lost some of her health due to the severity of the accident but to add to her suffering, this Food Network addict had to watch the eating world from afar. Months turned into years. Her ENT kept on saying, "Come back in a couple of months." 

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Consumer Story: Bentley's Story

Bentley’s story begins well before he was born. Pre-term labor and placenta previa complicated our pregnancy from early in the second trimester. With the assistance of a cocktail of medications we were able to carry Bentley to 36 weeks. At 36 weeks, I delivered what seemed to be a perfectly healthy baby boy. He weighed 6 pounds and 3 ounces and was 19 inches long. His nuchal cord was the only real trouble and it was not really much trouble because they were on top of it during delivery. His APGAR scores were 8 and 9 and despite all the extra care nurses in our room, he was doing really well for being 4 weeks early. We were warned that 36 weekers "ride the fence” and this has often been the case for him, but not immediately after birth, he looked good!


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Consumer Story: The Journey of an SLP mom
By: Donna Edwards

TBI, CVA -not a thought or diagnosis I had associated with my healthy, athletic, active 12 year old son. "Get here as fast as you can, but we can’t promise he’ll still be here when you get here.” My heart stopped beating as I began to comprehend what I had just heard. "We cut off his orthodontics for imaging.” "If he survives 72 hours, he will live.” "We can’t risk a craniotomy.” I was told he must have hit his head as he fell when the ‘spontaneous hemorrhage’ occurred.


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