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Why Should I Apply for Certification?

Achievement of specialty certification in either the clinical or research/teaching track is a means of demonstrating advanced clinical competency. The field of dysphagia continues to experience exciting growth, challenges, and opportunity. Whether you are applying for personal growth or professional recognition, BCS-S is a means of stating to consumers, colleagues, & referral sources that you have a commitment to providing the highest quality and most appropriate clinical services possible.

Some of the benefits of BCS-S may include increased consumer and referral source confidence in care provided, increased opportunity for personal and professional growth and advancement, and increased personal fulfillment. Many employers have begun to recognize and provide incentives to staff speech language pathologist with BCS-S credentials. Demonstrate your advanced competency in dysphagia evaluation & management by making this important commitment to quality.

NOTE: International Reciprocity
Applicants from countries outside of the United States are also encouraged to apply for BCS-S. Applicants must qualify for ASHA CCC regardless of place of residence. Any queries regarding years of experience related to "post-CCC" should be submitted to

Are You Ready To Apply?

There have been some important changes that we wanted to share with you as prospective and future applicants for BCS-S.

Effective January 1, 2014, for the Administrative Track, 100 clinical hours in dysphagia are required during each of the 3 years prior to applying for BCS-S, but in addition, the applicant must have a total of 450 hours in the 4 years (48 months) prior to the application date.  This change meets the ASHA requirement for board certification.

Clinical Track - 3-5 year plan to prepare for application as Specialist
Click here for the detailed 5-year plan of action to prepare for BCS-S application

Academic- Administrative Track Plan for Mentoring BCS-S Applicants

Click here to download a PDF document with a detailed 5-year plan of action to prepare for BCS-S application.